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HO207 COMO(style) STONE ENGINEHOUSE... Using our exclusive stone pattern wall, door, and window sections, RDA's STONE ENGINEHOUSE was influenced by the vintage structure that stands at Como, Colorado. The distinctive arched doorways of the famous facility are still there today, and you can reproduce its character by using our new MODULAR STONE WALL sections. Most windows and doors are from Tichy Design Group. RDA's exclusive injection molded STONE WALL sections are compatible with brick wall sections by Design Preservation Models & others. As with all our HO products this model is compatible for use with narrow gauge HOn3, HOn30, HOn2.


79.99 72.00

HO206 Jesse's Old Mill... Something special for that backwoods shortline. This stone grist mill in HO of injection molded polystyrene with Tichy Design Group detail parts and laser cut mill wheel.

59.99 54.00

HO205 Clyde's Filling Station... a new injection molded hi impact polystyrene kit soon to be released. Has many cast metal and resin detail parts. The windows and doors are especially tooled from Tichy Creative Group.. It is a model of a typical 1930s era gas station.

Footprint is about 4" X 5"

49.99 45.00

HO204 Durham's Tool & Die... A NEW RDA Injection Molded Polystyrene plastic HO scale structure KIT that looks like a wood clapboard mill structure with the character of a long ago mill town. Kit includes baggies of cast metal and plastic details. Chimney, cast loading dock and watertank with boiler house included. Two structures in this kit. More than 50 Tichy Design Works tooled windows and some doors. An outstanding kit with many creative possibilities for your layout or diorama.

Footprint 12" x

59.99 54.00

HO203 Middleton Mills... A new Injection molded structure kit depicting a cotton textile mill built in the 1860's that survives to this day as a Artist's Co-op. Could also be a tool and die company or warehouse. Comes complete with chimney, custom details, and instructions for finishing the model as shown.

Footprint is about 4" x

41.99 37.80

HO202 Johnson's Loft and Boat House. NEW Kit for 2003 with all new Tooling! HO scale injection molded hi-impact polystyrene. Typical structure for a small wood frame and clapboard factory / mill complex , or as shown in the picture, as a waterfront scene.. This new kit has all the detailing and character for which our product line is famous! All new tooling with Tichy Design Group tooled windows and some doors. Our cast urethane doors and many extra details, dock, steps etc.. Kit contains walls, roof, windows, doors, dock, freight, boats and steps. Easy to assemble instructions and diagram included. Figure, vehicle and certain scenic details not included. Model and diorama built for RDA by Roy Leon Durham of Florida

41.99 37.80

HO201 Henry's feed and Seed... An HO scale stone structure of bygone days that could even be a blacksmith or small machine works. Great for that narrow guage HON3 or HOn30 layout as well. The footprint of this hydrocal walls and injection molded plastic roof and windows structure is 5" X 3 1/2" including loading dock and dock details (figure not included) Glazing for the windows and all new advertising placards decals.(May vary from photograph.) Complete instructions and finishing suggestions included. A quality kit depicting the early days of railroading with a lot of character that will fit any era!

5" x 3 1/2"

41.99 37.80

HO131 Machine Shop...   29.99 26.99  
HO130 Stone's Corners General Store... (note: picture shown is O Scale version)   29.99 26.99

Stone's Corners General Store...

127 Shortline Tank and Pumphouse... HO,HOn3,HOn30... In the backwoods or in town a pumphouse and  watertank for that small industry or shortline railroad. Solid urethane castings. High detail with finishing and weathering instructions. 'Stone' base included. An evening project. Lots of character.

out of stock

16.99 15.29
126 J&J Tool Co. .... New and Improved J&J is complex of main structure, power annex with stack, office. building in stone and wood look, loading dock, crates, barrels, sign, etc. . RDA, J&J Tool company, Structure kit. An all new re-issue of the 12 year old favorite. This is a partial injection molded model with resin cast details from all new tooling!

The footprint is 11 x 6"

150.00 135.00 J&J Tool Co.
125 Hermanson Woolen Mill .......... Hermanson is made from urethane... walls, clock tower, loading dock, etc. We enclose our plastic detail parts with this kit. RDA, Hermanson Woolen Mill, HO (1:87) All new tools and a reissue of the twelve year old favorite. . Inclded in the kit is a vehicle and injection molded windows,doors, and details. The pics show front view and rear view. Scenery details not included. Complete with assembly and finishing instructions.

 A big footprint is almost 12" x  4" in size

out of stock

150.00 135.00 Hermanson Woolen Mill
124 Sanders Water Tank... (enclosed)  wood and plaster kit..


19.95 17.96
123 Philips Tool Shed... Hon3, Hon30... wood kit


19.95 17.96
122 Donkey Kit... Cast urethane donkey engine kit. One pice casting with instructions for minor detail assembly, finishing and weathering.


10.99 9.89
121 Cat Crawler Kit.... Caterpillar Crawler Tractor Kit. Urethane castings with assembly and finishing instructions. Evening project. Great detail.


13.98 12.59
120 Cat Engine Kit... Cat Engine cast urethane kit, instructions for minor assembly and finishing. Great detail.


9.99 8.98
119 Paddlesteamer, HO&HOn30... Paddlesteamer from the rivers and lakes of Maine. The model is of close similar design to the "Capt. Lewey" on the Kennebec River when used for herding logging flotillas to mills. It can fit anywhere, including on your mantel, as a river packet or tug. All urethane construction with many pewter parts from Crow River Products and plastic parts from Grandt Line. Complete instructions and photos for locating shipboard equipment. Information also for final finishing and weathering. Instructions include information to selectively shorten the craft and still remain prototypical to other tugs of the early 20th century.

Footprint is 12" X 3"

59.95 50.96
HO118 Matthews Engine and Foundry Works... Matthews Engine and Foundry Works, New HO (1:87) scale vintage stone structure. (Two centermost structures.) Injection Molded styrene with baggies of details and an Athearn flatcar!! (8.00 Value!) Adjacent loading dock with power house on top of modern contrasting warehouse structure and chimney. Power house can be placed elsewhere. An exciting and unique structure for that older industrial district. "Footprint" is just under a square foot. Locomotive, tracks and scenic materials not inluded.

Footprint approx.
12" x 12"

69.95 62.96 Mathews engine & Foundry
117 Luckey Jack Mine.... Urethane kit

1 left

39.95 35.96  
HO101 Farm Fresh Warehouse... A typical farmers' cooperative warehouse seen near the tracks in all parts of the country. The kit consists of raised rib roof, concrete look foundation, risers, braces, end walls, side walls, and a cupola, and assorted detail parts. A great addition to any layout.


24.99 22.50 Farm Fresh Warehouse..
HO102 DL&W Station... This station is from a prototype in Upstate New York. It has characteristic Victorian braces and bay window, plus a wooden like base, walls and detail parts.

out of stock

24.99 22.50 DL&W Station
HO103 Vermont Passenger Station... Taken from a prototype station in New Haven Junction, Vermont, this red brick station with its charming details and brick chimneys is typical of Railway Design Structures, which maintain a unique character in easy-to assemble injection molded plastic kits. Comes with roof, walls, braces, base and detail parts.


24.99 22.50

Vermont Passenger Station

104 New Haven Jct. Vermont Freight House   24.99 22.50  
HO105 Easton Mill... The Easton Mill is based on a prototype mill/warehouse in an industrial district in Easton, Pennsylvania. This quaint relic of the industrial revolution is still standing as they are in many towns across America. In addition to the brick structure, this kit comes with a detailed stone power house. Many details included.   39.95 35.96

Easton Mill

HO107 BR&P Ashford Tower... Built in 1914 by the Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh Railway, the Ashford Tower was a major switching station for western New York. its distinctive tiled roof in Spanish Mission style and exterior appointments are captured in superb detail. An interesting concrete interlocking structure, typical of big railraods throught the US, the BR&P is perfect as an as-is structure or to kit mingle to represent similar size towers on your layout.   24.99 22.50

BR&P Ashford Tower

HO108 McFarlane Tool Works... The McFarlane Tool Works is prototypical of industrial buildings common to many areas of the country before and at the turn of the century. This kit consists of 4 brick walls and roof assembly. Also included are assorted additional details.   24.99 22.50

McFarlane Tool Works

HO109 Delaney Iron Works... This complex has three buildings in one: A storage warehouse, a brick office building, and a Stone Iron Works building, plus a covered walkway. The unique stone building has a clerestory roof and window arrangement.   59.99 53.99

Delaney Iron Works

HO110 Freeman Mfg. Co....This stone structure is prototypical of industrial complexes common to many areas of the country before and at the turn of the century. This kit consists of 4 stone walls with clerestory style roof assembly.  Also included are assorted details.   29.99 26.99

Freeman Mfg. Co.

HO111 Charley's Salvage Barge/Urethane... Back in the fifties, in my early Great Lakes sailing days, I was intrigued with an old work barge a fellow had converted to be self-propelled. All along the coastline, with the help of a small crane, he dredged up an array of flotsam of dubious pedigree: lumber schooner parts, marine engines, chains, barrels, and cables, even a gangster's riddled automobile. The idea was to sell the junk as scrap. Before long, tourists discovered some of his junk and today old freighter hatch covers have become coffee tables. Today, Charley's Salvage can be found on about any coastline or river in the world.  out of stock 24.99 22.50

Charley's Salvage Barge

112 Pilot Point Bank /Urethane... A new urethane kit.Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow knocked over this bank back in the late 20's. It has never been the same since! Train crews, farmers, ranchers have stopped in to wet their whistles and talk over Roosevelt's latest New Deal. Kit includes: six wall pieces, cast-in detail roof section, injectin molded windows/doors, front and back steps, and many small details, boxes, barrels, chimneys, etc. Instructions for assembly and urethane finishing instructions.  out of stock 29.95 25.46 Pilot Point Bank
113 Clydes's Corners/Urethane... Original urethane kit. This is the hollow, conventional construction of the kit we designed several years ago. It is not the solid model. Every town had one of these general stores. Kit includes: Cast in stone foundation, cast roof panels, depicting corrugated metal, four walls, front facade features cornice with star relief, and a bag of various scenery details, including a 20's/30s old time gas pump, good details on the dock included. No scenery,figures, fences included. Over 50 details ARE included. Instructions for assembly and finishing instructions for urethane kits.   29.95 25.46 Clydes's Corners
114 Bluebird Dory Works/Urethane... Sharp detail and 'Downeast" character in this urethane kit. Urbanization is moving in fast in this coast village, the D.O.T. has ok'd a new bridge, and the "Blu-bud may just be no mowa" But here it is for you. This is the hollow version with traditional construction methods. Molded shingle roof, no peal and stick forever. Same for the walls, not many shingle exterior wall kits out there. An interior can be added with all the appointments. A couple of boats and some other typical dockside detail included. Scenery, figure and foliage not included. There is a dock platform in this kit. windows are our own injection molded six over six sprue tree. Kit also includes: 4 major wall sections, 2 roof panels, one with cast in dormer detail, injection molded windows/doors. Instructions for assembly and finishing urethane kits.

3-1/2 x 6"

out of stock

39.95 33.96 Bluebird Dory 	Works
115 Warren Garage/Urethane... This piece is a design by a friend of mine, Mike Tylick. It is based on an existing building in the town of Warren, MA. He did a piece on it for Model Railroader a few years ago. This pic also shows the diorama he bult for this display. An everyday, but still unique building we all see in every town in the US. Traditional construction, with well executed textured surface urethane walls and roof. Scenery, foliage, vehicles and figures not included. Items like the old time gas pump and some more modern pumps ARE included. Lots of detail parts for the typical junky garage setting of the 1930s and 40s. Steeped in character, this structure will make a great addition to any layout.  out of stock 29.95 25.46 Warren Garage

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